Like-Minded People

Over the past year I have really been aware of who I keep communication with in my daily life. I've had friends come and go over the years due to many different circumstances. Sometimes it was simply because we've grown up and grown apart. But for others it was for reasons much deeper reasons. I've... Continue Reading →

Education is yours!

"No one can take your education from you." This was a line said by a women I met at my great aunt's 80th birthday party. She was congratulating my younger cousin on her graduation from high school when the wise words flowed from her mouth. The phrase really resonated with me. The next day I attended... Continue Reading →

Knowledge is Power

On Saturday I wrote one of my four final exams. At the end of the 20 page exam booklet was an open letter my professor wrote to all of his students. After spending 2 hours answering physiological based questions about the environment, I was ready to turn the booklet in and leave. At that point my... Continue Reading →

Stress Buddies

As a third year student in university, I've come to know the word "stress" like the back of my hand. (Especially right now in the middle of final exams) By definition, stress is "a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc." This is the common definition people say when asked... Continue Reading →

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