Love Yourself Series – #1 – Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is a practice. It is a active practice that needs to be worked at over a period of time.  Self-acceptance is a behaviour and an attitude. It's a mind-set and a choice. Self-acceptance is a very hard concept to practice, but it's something that will be forever worth your while.

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Comeback Stronger

Think back to a time in your life when you felt defeated. A time when you gave up, threw in the towel, and went home. Think of a time when you felt defeated BUT instead of giving up you overcame the situation. What was the difference? Did you change your approach? Your mindset? Your plan?... Continue Reading →

Little Minds See Many Things

I work at the YMCA in my city as an After-School Program Leader. The children that I work with have such an enthusiastic energy about them. They each have their own spark that they bring to the program. (They also bring sticky fingers, pokemon cards, and don't even get me started about those fidget spinners).... Continue Reading →

Going After Your Dream

Choosing to go after a life long dream; it's scary. Even more. It's absolutely terrifying. Going after your dream is something many speak of doing, but only a few actually attempt. It takes a brave soul to take that first step toward going after a goal they have always wanted to achieve. Those who jump... Continue Reading →

How to Live a Happy Life

How do you live a happy life? Everyone chooses different activities, events, or things that make them feel happy. For some people, happiness is experienced through physical or tangible things. For other people happiness may be felt through emotions or a psychological aspect. Happiness is an emotion that is experienced globally and on a variety... Continue Reading →

Picking Yourself Back Up

When my mom told me that life is a roller coaster, she was not kidding one bit. Emotions go up and down, back and forth. Every day is a new adventure of feelings. And I've become really good at practicing how to hide my emotions. For a person who writes blogs, I'm very closed off. I don't... Continue Reading →

Like-Minded People

Over the past year I have really been aware of who I keep communication with in my daily life. I've had friends come and go over the years due to many different circumstances. Sometimes it was simply because we've grown up and grown apart. But for others it was for reasons much deeper reasons. I've... Continue Reading →

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