Feature Friday: Breanna Hendrick

Meet Bre … she is my rock, my supporter, my former roommate, my sister from another mister, and my best friend. I’ve only know Bre for five years, but it feels like forever! Continue reading Feature Friday: Breanna Hendrick


Feature Friday: Heather

Meet Heather…I met Heather this past September in graduate school at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is kind, thoughtful, funny and a great friend. Heather has been very open to having conversations about her personal experiences of struggling with mental health, and through that I’ve found her very relatable and very inspiring. I’m very excited for you to learn more about Heather for this week’s #featurefriday … Continue reading Feature Friday: Heather

Is Stress Getting The Best of You Too? 7 Ways to Cope

Stress. Our good’ol friend who comes around time and time again. The friend who comes to visit without permission, and stays longer than you asked them to. The friend who is always talking when you’re trying to fall asleep, and won’t leave you alone when you just want to be by yourself. I stress, you stress, we all stress! I stress of a daily basis … Continue reading Is Stress Getting The Best of You Too? 7 Ways to Cope